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Michelin Travel Partner

Who are we?

Since 1889, the Michelin Group mission has been to contribute, sustainably, to the mobility of goods and people by enabling the freedom, safety, efficiency and pleasure of travel.

The aim of Michelin Travel Partner is to assist with travel and movement, by fostering the brand’s vision of: « a better way forward ».

Michelin Travel Partner can support you and your clients with a comprehensive offer based on:

3 areas

  • Mobility: maps and atlases, MICHELIN and the ViaMichelin website
  • Travel: the Green Guide, the MICHELIN Travel website
  • Gastronomy: the MICHELIN guide, the MICHELIN Restaurants website

4 platforms

  • Print : MICHELIN Maps & Guides
  • Websites/applications : ViaMichelin, MICHELIN Travel, MICHELIN Restaurants Bookatable websites
  • Cars / Automobile : Adaptable solutions for different navigation systems
  • Special events around events in the Michelin Guide

3 uses

  • Pre-travel: choice of destination, itinerary and on site activities
  • During the journey : geolocation
  • Post-trip: sharing opinions of our sites, calcul ating expense reports

Michelin Travel Partner uses its expertise also for companies, with its business offer : Michelin Business Solutions.

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